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Shadow Wolves Productions and Paid In Blood Films have purchased my script for the horror short “Thunk”.

Check out the podcast of my story “Falling Stars” (also available on Spotify, iTunes, and PodBean). Many thanks to Angela Blythe at Dark Pennine Tales for her elegant and eerie recitation …

What People Are Saying …

“The Third List”
  • Simply masterful. Each time the reader thinks he knows what’s happening, Minier spins his plot elegantly sideways, leading us somewhere new but equally compelling … ‘The Third List’ is wonderfully descriptive and effectively gruesome and eerie to boot, making it a pitch-perfect dark holiday fable. A+” – Monica Kuebler, editor at Rue Morgue
  • “Excellent  … Minier sews with a beautifully bizarre thread worthy of the tone of this anthology.” – Jay Wilburn, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

  • “The unlucky central character of Sam Minier’s ‘Stuck’ is plagued by nocturnal regrets and unhappy replays of her life.  Those are traps in themselves, but there’s a physical one to exacerbate matters, and her escape proves more hideous than her plight. ” – Grand Master of Horror Ramsey Campbell
  • A particularly well-written piece, subtle and heart-wrenching, even to the  bloody end.”  – Nickolas Cook, Hellnotes.com

“Be Thee Like Children” (Ideomancer Volume 5, Issue 1)
  • “The most thought-provoking offering in the issue – Minier takes a hard look at society’s obsession with the pureness and innocence of babies and our equation of youth with purity.  The unexpected ending lobs an extra level of surrealism onto this grim tale.”   – Suzanne Chruch, Tangent Short Fiction Review      

“Behind the Walls”
(Ideomancer Volume 6, Issue 4)
  • Not a pleasant story, but neither is it trite nor shallow; Minier handles his difficult subject matter well and succeeds in creating characters who feel like a real family — dysfunctional but trying to be loving, too, and struggling to make life work.” – Alex Dally Macfarlane, The Fix Short Fiction Review

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