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“[S]imply masterful. Each time the reader thinks he knows what’s happening, Minier spins his plot elegantly sideways, leading us somewhere new but equally compelling … ‘The Third List’ is wonderfully descriptive and effectively gruesome and eerie to boot, making it a pitch-perfect dark holiday fable. A+”

Monica Kuebler, editor at RUE MORGUE –

“Once again the folks over at West Pigeon Press are out to strip you of your hopes and sanity with a brand new anthology …  [‘The Third List’ is] a horrific holiday fable.”

Unspeakable Gibberer –

“At a time when the literary community has seen a resurgence of interest and respect for all things gothic, For When the Veil Drops, a newly published anthology of short fiction by West Pigeon Press, is a rather refreshing read.”

Brandon Fiedor, Triangle Arts and Entertainment –

“West Pigeon Press has done it again with For When the Veil Drops, a poignant collection of dark fiction … I would also like to point out ‘The Third List’ by Samuel Minier, a story which is all at once grotesque and yet psychologically intriguing.”

Samantha Moore, One Title Reviews –

“The unlucky central character of Sam Minier’s ‘Stuck’ is plagued by nocturnal regrets and unhappy replays of her life.  Those are traps in themselves, but there’s a physical one to exacerbate matters, and her escape proves more hideous than her plight. “

Grand Master of Horror Ramsey Campbell –

“I’d also call attention to Samuel Minier’s ‘Stuck’ as a particularly  well-written piece, subtle and  heart- wrenching, even to the  bloody end.” 

Nickolas Cook, Hellnotes.com –

[“‘Behind the Walls’] is good stuff …. It deals with abuse and dysfunctionality, it deals with children and wonder, it deals with blood and horrific things. I liked it, but it wasn’t a pleasant read. Not all good fiction is… ” 

theanonreader.wordpress.com –

[“‘Behind the Walls’] is not a pleasant story, but neither is it trite nor shallow; Minier handles his difficult subject matter well and succeeds in creating characters who feel like a real family — dysfunctional but trying to be loving, too, and struggling to make life work.”

Alex Dally Macfarlane,The Fix Short Fiction Review –

“Another of my favorites [from Read by Dawn 3 is ‘Treats’] …  In this surreal story Minier presents us with a macabre trick or treating ritual. Extremely disconcerting and nightmarish, you’ll definitely be asking for seconds when you’re finished …”

Fatally-Yours.com –

In “Be Thee Like Children” – the most thought-provoking offering in the issue – Minier takes a hard look at society’s obsession with the pureness and innocence of babies and our equation of youth with purity.  The unexpected ending lobs an extra level of surrealism onto this grim tale.            … Continue Reading →

Suzanne Church, Tangent Short Fiction Review –

[“‘Be Thee Like Children’] started off like it was going to be one of those Alzheimer’s stories that I’ve certainly had more than enough of, but then it zags when I expect a zig … This story is funny and gross and horrifying: the ending is disturbing and fitting – Minier straddles well the line… Continue Reading →

LiveJournal –

“‘The Third List’ by Samuel Minier is excellent  … Minier sews with a beautifully bizarre thread worthy of the tone of this anthology.”

Jay Wilburn, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

“Sam Minier is a terrifically talented writer–innovative, creative, unusual, a lateral thinker.”

Sandra Kasturi, ChiZine Publications –

“[In ‘Game of Friends’] Minier tells a good, taut horror tale squarely in the Arkham tradition, notable for its characterization, sharp writing, and suspense.”

Amy Sterling Casil, SF Reader –

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