Available to Order

Space and Time Magazine Issue #130

Featuring my poem “What Is Learned On Halloween”.

For When the Veil Drops

A dark fiction anthology published by West Pigeon Press and containing my story “The Third List.”

The Read by Dawn anthology series

Volume 1 –  Hosted by Grand Master of Horror Ramsey Campbell and featuring my short story “Stuck.”  

Volume 2 – featuring my short story “Falling Stars”, which is also available as a podcast here.

Volume 3 – featuring my short stories “Keeping Someone”, “Swept Away”, and “Treats.” 

Deathgrip:  It Came From the Cinema

Horror movie-themed anthology containing my story “Slasher.”  This story has grown into the screenplay currently in development with director Jaime Osorio Marquez (The Squad, The Sacrifice).  Buy the book now before the movie gets made!

The Three-Lobed Burning Eye Annual, Volume 4 

A limited edition print anthology of The Three-Lobed Burning Eye Issues 13 – 15 and featuring my story “Reflecting House.”

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